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Craft Frites


POMME FRITES* - shoestring french fries, White truffle salt, Soft Egg, Side of Sriracha Ketchup and truffle aioli 8.5


LOADED - french fries, queso blanco, romaine, pico de gallo, bacon, garlic ranch 9.5


SICILIAN - french fries, mozzarella, pecorino romano, spicy house marinara 9.5


SOUTH OF THE BORDER - french fries, Queso blanco, chorizo, pico de gallo, cilantro, lime, ranch 9.5





GRILLED OR BLACKENED CHICKEN SALAD - romaine, sliced chicken breast, red onion, tomato slices, cucumber slices and crumbled feta cheese served with a house mediterranean vinaigrette 11.5


ROASTED PEAR SALAD - romaine, oven roasted bartlett pears, crumbled blue cheese, served with a house toasted walnut vinaigrette 10.5

Add chicken 2.00


BLACKENED SASHIMI TUNA SALAD* - romaine, med rare tuna steak, chopped onion served with house lemon vinaigrette and soy hot mustard. 16


SIDE SALAD - romaine, feta, tomato, cucumber. choice of house walnut, mediterranean vinaigrette or caesar 6.5



The Sweet


BEIGNET - just like the French quarter classic. Fried dough dusted with powdered sugar 7

add Chocolate sauce 2



*consuming raw or uncooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness


Shared Plates 


SPICY MEATBALLS - minced pork & beef sautéed in our spicy marinara, and pecorino romano. served with toasted crostini 10.5


FRIED MOZZARELLA - fried buffalo mozzarella and pearls and basil skewered with house marinara. 9.5


QUESO FUNDIDO – baked queso blanco, chorizo, and red peppers, topped with cilantro and served with fresh corn tortilla chips 10


MELON & PROSCIUTTO CROSTINI-    prosciutto americano, fresh melon, chevre goat cheese, honey on toasted ciabatta 9.5


BLUE CHEESE CROSTINI - blue cheese, honey, roasted walnuts on toasted ciabatta 10.5



chicken, corn, black bean, jack cheese, cilantro lime ranch 10


AVOCADO EGG ROLLS- avocado and sun-dried tomato mix. served with cilantro dipping sauce 10


BAKED GOAT CHEESE - whipped chevre goat cheese, house marinara and basil, served with warm pita 11


TRUFFLED MUSHROOMS - sautéed button mushrooms in roasted garlic, white truffle and madeira wine, served with ciabatta 10





BLACKENED CHICKEN SANDWICH - blackened chicken breast topped with sautéed onion and basil aioli on brioche 11.5


DOUBLE MASH BURGER - blend of angus, brisket and short rib topped with cheddar cheese, sautéed onion, tomato, and pickle on a brioche bun, served with a house special sauce 14



BLACKENED TILAPIA SANDWICH -  blackened tilapia fillet, slaw, creole mayo on brioche 12


CHICKEN CAESAR PITA - lightly seasoned chicken breast, romaine, tomato and pecorino romano. tossed in caesar dressing. served in pita bread. 10.5


VEGGIE BURGER - a housemade vegetarian patty with pecan, mushroom, sweet bell pepper. on brioche with basil aioli 11.5




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